Hey there, EAT IT friends who prefer to shop at Chapters/Indigo! It's available at these select locations. Here's how to find it there:

Head to the magazines area and look for the "Literary & Small Press" section (see photo below)... or ask a clerk to point you to where they keep their literary journals. Our publisher is FEATHERTALE... ask them to point you to where FEATHERTALE is sold! Below is a photo of EAT IT displayed in Chapters/Indigo... right next to the Feathertale Review. It will look like that! Go to there!

**Please note: EAT IT is not searchable in Chapters/Indigo computer databases, as it is distributed as a magazine... You'll need to walk on over to the 'Literary & Small Press' section or the arts section and look for it with your peepers!**

You can't buy EAT IT online from Chapters/Indigo... but you can buy it online directly from us! Click here to do so!

EAT IT at Chapters/Indigo Bay & Bloor

EAT IT at Chapters/Indigo Eaton Centre

Hey there, EAT IT friends who want to purchase from any of these local bookstores-- YAY for you for supporting local business! Woohoo! This is how you can find EAT IT at smaller bookstores...

EAT IT is PROBABLY in the magazine section where literary journals are sold. Ask a clerk to point you to where they sell literary journals like those from FEATHERTALE. However, some independent bookstores like to shake it up and display EAT IT somewhere else they find more appropriate. For example, in the photos below, you'll see EAT IT right next to the cash register at Book City on Bloor in the Annex (right next to David Rakoff's book! We're chuffed!). Meanwhile, at Type Books on Queen Street West, EAT IT is in the food/cookbook section.

Basically, if you don't see it in the literary journal section-- ask the clerk, "Hey, where can I find EAT IT? You know, published by FEATHERTALE?"

**Please note: EAT IT may not be searchable in bookstore computer databases, as it is distributed as a magazine... You'll need to walk on over to the literary journal section and look for it with your peepers!**

You can't buy EAT IT from these independent stores online... but you CAN buy it directly from us online! Right here!

Thank you for your support!

EAT IT at Book City on Bloor (Annex)

Thanks for the prime positioning, Book City on Bloor!

EAT IT at Type Books on Queen

In the cooking section!

EAT IT at Book City St. Clair and Yonge

A hidden gem! Don't be shy to tell our friends at the store that you're hungry for EAT IT and would lurve to see it featured more prominently! They just might not know how EXCELLENT it is yet, y'know?
It's been an exciting week in EAT IT land, a land full of review copies and launch party props and...media clippings!

In case you missed it (but how could you have?), we thought we'd put together a round-up of the wonderful buzz happening online and in print.

The Toronto Standard kicked off the EAT IT coverage on Tuesday with Tiffy Thompson's review. The piece touched on several stories including Sarah Barmak's essay on husband-poisoners, Katie Daubs' "dressing-down of (a) self-styled martyr," and Maya Reid's "colourful recollection of dining on penis in Beijing." Yum! Thompson called EAT IT "real women's writing that resonates." We liked that.

Thursday was a big day. Not only were we mentioned in NOW Magazine, but we made a huge splash in the Toronto Star's Life section, which ran two excerpts from the book — Kristine Owram's "Ode to Mo" and Nicole Baute's "Left Over." We are simply thrilled about it. The retro housewife pic was a big bonus.

Then the nice people at Open Book: Toronto ran a "special" interview (because EAT IT is special) with us and contributor Sarah Barmak (with help from expert reader/writer Sarah Selecky!). They asked really fabulous questions, and we tried our best to sound smart. Special thanks to Sarah B. for her fun and thoughtful answers and also for the photograph of a monstrous crab she accidentally ordered in a Greek restaurant in Paris (and did, we're told, consume in its entirety). 

And then, in anticipation of Sunday's Canzine festival (where you can pick up a copy of EAT IT at the Feathertale booth), Broken Pencil put together a sweet EAT IT write-up on their website. We loved what the editor had to say about the book's relevance: "Like most women, my relationship with food is complex, sometimes delightful, and often a little fucked-up." Tell us about it, sister. And merci beaucoup.

So, friends, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more excitement, and more importantly, come to our launch party with This is Not a Reading Series on Tuesday, October 22 at the Gladstone Hotel. That's when the magic really begins.

Nicole & Brianna
Hey people, it's been a big week to celebrate for EAT IT! Not only are our mouths watering at the fact that Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize (!) but also-- and MORE IMPORTANTLY-- TWO of our EAT IT contributors won Canadian Comedy Awards this week! Congratulations to Rebecca Kohler and Sara Hennessey! We are so lucky to have such talented ladies on our team.

One way to celebrate would be to check out the latest episode of the EAT IT podcast, featuring an interview about feminism and comedy and the anxiety of conflicting nutritional tips with Sara Hennessey herself! Also in this episode: a wacky blind taste test AND a great listener comment AND we talk a lot about the word "congeal." What's not to love? 

Stream it, download it, enjoy-- and then let us know what you think over social media or by leaving a comment here!