Oh, hello there, HOLIDAY SHOPPERS!

Are you looking for a prezzie for a lady in your life who eats? Or maybe for a man in your life who has a lady in his life who eats? Or maybe you're buying a present for a bookshelf (no judgment here...) that doesn't have enough fun/thoughtful/food/women's cultural critique flair?

EAT IT is a multi-cultural literary treat that's perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus... and more! It's a slim little volume that can fit in a lady's purse (or a man's European men's carry-all)... or in a STOCKING... or in one of the places Hanukkah-revelers might keep their gifts over those eight crazy nights.

And because we are so excited for you to invite EAT IT into your holiday cheer, until December 4, our amazing publisher Feathertale has removed shipping costs from online purchases!

So... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And enjoy!

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