Hey there, EAT IT friends who prefer to shop at Chapters/Indigo! It's available at these select locations. Here's how to find it there:

Head to the magazines area and look for the "Literary & Small Press" section (see photo below)... or ask a clerk to point you to where they keep their literary journals. Our publisher is FEATHERTALE... ask them to point you to where FEATHERTALE is sold! Below is a photo of EAT IT displayed in Chapters/Indigo... right next to the Feathertale Review. It will look like that! Go to there!

**Please note: EAT IT is not searchable in Chapters/Indigo computer databases, as it is distributed as a magazine... You'll need to walk on over to the 'Literary & Small Press' section or the arts section and look for it with your peepers!**

You can't buy EAT IT online from Chapters/Indigo... but you can buy it online directly from us! Click here to do so!

EAT IT at Chapters/Indigo Bay & Bloor

EAT IT at Chapters/Indigo Eaton Centre

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