Friends of EAT IT: are your ears ready for a slurp? Because below is the FIRST EPISODE of the EAT IT PODCAST!

For your listening/thinking pleasure, we've devised a delightful 30-minute audio romp introducing you to the ideas driving many of the pieces in our book, and to some of our contributors and how food figures in their writing.

In this first episode, host/EAT IT co-editor Brianna Goldberg interviews playwright/actor/writer Jessica Moss (@JessieMercury) about how food features in her award-winning plays, why she's so obsessed with Martha Stewart, and why yogurt is so funny; Brianna does a brief check-in with EAT IT co-editor Nicole Baute over the phone from Africa; and she tells you all about how to connect with EAT IT so you can join this (now literal) conversation!

Have a listen (we suggest you hit 'download' to put it on your iPod or whatnot rather than stream it) and please let us know what you think: send all your questions, recipes and fictional or non-fictional restaurant reviews to us via Twitter, Facebook or email! Thanks!
A few notes on the episode:

1) You can stream the podcast but we really suggest you download it (click the word "download") and listen to it as you commute to work or take a jog or (perhaps best, as we do discuss tasty things A LOT) while you munch your lunch or prep your dinner. It's an appetizer of EAT IT-- to go!

2) Brianna was trying out a new microphone and she's not so crazy about how it sounds but she will fix it for NEXT WEEK's episode, featuring a really interesting conversation with cookbook writer and Toronto Star food columnist and editor, Jennifer Bain.

3) EAT IT's original theme song was written and produced by the excellent band known as Burrito Tourniquet.

4) Thanks for listening!
9/23/2013 06:11:37 am

Yummy piece. Clicked on it for just a taste -- am supposed to be doing dark and heavy work -- but stayed to stuff myself. Well done!

9/24/2013 07:07:02 am

Thanks, Jane-- so glad you enjoyed EATING IT! Another podcast is in the works, will be served up Wednesday or Thursday.

Kurtis Baute
9/23/2013 11:25:15 am

Firstly, great podcast!

Secondly, I know nothing about French.

Thirdly, here are some drinks, translated into German:

Water = das Wasser (neuter)
Milk = die Milch (feminine)

Where am I going with this? Well, for starters I would think that this makes sense. Water (H20) is a simple chemical that occurs whether biology cares about it or not - so it should be gender neutral. Milk, on the other hand, is pretty much an female thing (unless you're a male Dayak Fruit Bat or something), so it makes sense for it to be female. Good so far.

Wine = der Wein (masculine)
Beer = das Bier (neuter)

And now I have no rational excuses for why which item is which gender (my gender bias and I would have said beer was definitely a man-thing). Although, I would argue (and I'd be stealing someones argument, I'm just not sure whom), that it has a lot to do with the evolution of language. The whole gender-definitive-article business came from a simpler time of language, and now it doesn't make much sense any more.

It is like goosebumps. When we were early apes with lots of hair, and we got scared, we could puff-up our hair and look bigger and more fierce. Goosebumps were protection. Now we don't have all that hair... but the goosebumps (die Gänsehaut, feminine) stuck around.

9/24/2013 07:08:56 am

Wowzers, this is so awesome, Kurtis. With this fantastic response, you've typed your way into the 'listener comments' section of the next podcast, out Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks so much-- and glad you like the podcast!


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