Yes! It's here! The second helping of the EAT IT podcast! It's true, this second installment is out of the kitchen a little later than we'd hoped, but Brianna came down with an icky cold for a long while and, well, what can you do? Life happens. Germs happen. Then chicken soup happened and all was right with the world.

In this second episode Brianna interviews cookbook author/Toronto Star food editor/EAT IT contributor Jennifer Bain about her tales from the test kitchen, the bison ranch and her role as family chef; Brianna also has a brief chat about custard (and, wow, a lot more) with contributor and CBC radio producer Kristin Nelson at Word On The Street literary festival. All this plus listener comments about two-bite brownies, gendered foods in German, fruit bats... and more!

This podcast is best listened to as a DOWNLOAD, while you enjoy your dinner or are walkin' around town where you can buy a mid-podcast classy donut. Just click "DOWNLOAD" to get this puppy onto your various iPods, iPhones, or whatever else the kids are listening to these days.

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